Terra Topia regional

By: MarcusPhelpsAdmin

Marcus has been on the back of a very successful 3 months and wanted to keep the form going to win the Gauteng regional champs. Heat 1 started well as he quickly moved to the front and settled. About mid-race however, the bike began to splutter and all Marcus could do was hold on to valuable points. The bike eventually stopped in the last lap and he was given points for completing 75% of the race.

With a broken bike, Marcus had to ride his practice bike in heat 2. Down on power, he set about trying to make up for lost points. Whilst in 3rd, the bike seized and down he went. This would mean no points at all in heat 2.
This is sometimes how the cookie crumbles and whilst he has had 3 months of winning, he will have to go into the last round hoping for a failure from his rivals.

Make NO mistake, this will add fuel to his fire and will be hungrier than ever.



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