Dutch champs: Reusel

By: MarcusPhelpsAdmin

Marcus rode in the Dutch national champs this weekend and from a track point of view, was one of his toughest races to date.

Marcus set about qualifying and managed his fastest lap on his last lap. He qualified 8th and that gave him a decent gate pick. He rounded turn 1 in 10th in the first race and slowly made his way to 5th by the end of the heat. This gave him a lot of confidence for heat 2. He was battling for 4th place when he slowed down with what seemed like a puncture. He still managed 6th place and on closer inspection after the race, it was clear why he had slowed down. All his spokes had come loose in his rear wheel and another lap might have seen it collapse. Still, Marcus was satisfied with 6th, but will leave with a “what if” taste in his mouth.



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