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Marcus Phelps #135
About Me

Marcus started riding in 2005 at the age of 5 participating in club fun days at a social level, it wasn’t long before the bug bit and he started racing competitively.

2012-85cc Jnr class-Competed in the British Red Bull MX series and finished 2nd overall.

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2011 South African ROCKSTAR National MX series – 2ND Place Overall

Redbull MX

2012 British REDBULL MX Series – 2nd Place Overall

France Masterkid's MX

2013 France Masterkid’s MX – 4th Place Overall

Provincial Win!

2013 South Africa Provincial Challenge – 1st Place Overall

ArenaCross Win!

2014 British GARMIN ArenaCross 7 Rnd Series – 1ST Place Overall

Pro National Win!

2014 British GARMIN Pro National Beachrace – 1st Place Overall

Florida Gold Cup

2014 USA Florida Gold cup 6 Rnd series – 1ST Place Overall Super mini 1 & 2

Winter Olympics

2014 USA Winter Olympics Supermini 2 – 5th Place Overall

British National MX

2014 British National MX 7Rnd series – 4th Place Overall



Where are you originally from?


I’m was born in Johannesburg South Africa and I lived there until I was 13, and then I moved to London England, and now I live in the Cairo USA.


When did you start riding and racing?


My parents bought me a DirtBike when I was 4 to play around in the garden with, but it soon turned into a passion.


Who support you in your pursuit of an MX career?


My parent and brother support me 100%, and they all want to see me succeed.


What has been the highlight of your past achievements up to now?


Finishing 4th overall in the British National series in 2014 & and finishing 2nd overall at the 2015 Freestone Amateur National.


Who would you like to say a special thanks to for helping you along the way?


I’d like to thank obviously my family for their constant belief in me, along with Herman and the team from Raceworx KTM in SA, and Paul and Matty P’ from P&H Motorcycles in the UK, and Graham from Veryard racing UK, travelling along the three year road from SA to the USA has been a hard one but I have met some great characters along the way..