Round 5, UK Arenacross, Newcastle

By: MarcusPhelpsAdmin

Marcus went to round 5 of the UK arenacross just 7 points off the lead. With 2 wins under the belt now, his confidence was high. On arriving at the track, Marcus was quick to say it was the best track he had seen in the arenacross so far

Marcus took some time to get used to the track in practice as the middle section was very technical. He posted the 2nd fastest time. In qualifying, he posted the fastest time, which gave him that all important gate pic.
Marcus has realised the importance of a holeshot in the tight arenacross circuits and did exactly that. Unlike the race in Birmingham, Marcus was under pressure the whole race and really had to concentrate to not make mistakes. He managed to hold on for the win.

Marcus is now only 3 points off the lead.

Marcus would like to thank P&H motorcycles, TRP, Thor and Intertherm.



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