Round 3 of the BYMX at Brookethorpe

By: MarcusPhelpsAdmin

This past weekend Marcus travelled 50 miles north of Bristol to a small town called Brookethorpe, The track was on the side of a steep hill with some big drop-offs and a number of off-camber corners and uphill step-ups. The track was initially wet and slippery and once the weather turned for the better then the track dried up and became blue-grooved. Really slick conditions with proper throttle control required.

Marcus qualified 1st, 1.5 sec ahead of 2nd place, and then finished 1st-2nd-1st-2nd- 2nd- 2nd and 25th which gave Marcus 2nd overall for the weekend. Marcus was on track for a first overall as he was leading the final heat, when the spark plug fowled up and he dropped back to 25th. Never the less, Marcus has moved up the leader board to 5th in the championships from 8th.



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