Round 2 of East England winter series, Mepal

By: MarcusPhelpsAdmin

Not wanting to wait till round one of the Arenacross in Ireland, Marcus decided he needed to get used to the new bike and team at round 2 of the East England winter series at Mepal. The conditions were cold and icy, but the deep sand track held the conditions well. The track got really whooped out and rough, but with sand experience from South Africa, Marcus felt right at home.

Heat one saw Marcus sitting in 2nd place and looking strong, when he went down. Just some nerves getting the better of him. He remounted and chased back to 7th. In heat 2, he would have a smoother race, finishing a solid 2nd. After not such a good start in heat 3, Marcus would end up 3rd.

Despite the new environment and conditions way colder than he is used to, Marcus was happy with his riding. He is now firmly concentrated on winning the Arenacross series which will be his next European goal.



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