Round 1 UK Arenacross – Ireland

By: MarcusPhelpsAdmin

Marcus began his dream of competing against the best in the world at round 1 of the UK Arenacross at the Odyssey Arena in Ireland. Marcus has a supercross type style, so was excited to see what he could do on the challenging track. Practice was going and was the 2nd of only 4 to jump the BIG triple. The triple would come back and bite him though as he cased the jump and crashed. With a very sore neck, Marcus went into the qualifying. He qualified in 2nd and was happy he could win.

Marcus had a bad jump out the gate in the main and hooked handlebars with another rider and resulted in a crash. He picked up and rode back to 5th, but was fuming after the race.

Marcus would have another opportunity on night 2 to redeem himself. The night started good with a great qualifying which would give him a good gate pick. This resulted in a holeshot. He lead through the first big set of whoops and the last whoop caught his back wheel and he went down. The 2nd place rider rode into his back and he was winded. He circulated slowly, but was out of the running.

Marcus will use this as a learning curve heading into round 2. He certainly was fast enough to win, but will work on remaining calm and collected to score the points he needs for the series.

Marcus would like to thank P&H motorcycles, Thor, Raceworx and Intertherm.



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