Round 1 of UK MX nationals series

By: MarcusPhelpsAdmin

Marcus began his outdoor campaign with confidence booming after his Arenacross series win. Knowing that the outdoors will be a much greater challenge on rider and machine though, he wasn’t about to let his guard down.

Round 1 of the MX nationals series was held on March 22-23rd at Culham Park. The track looks like God’s gift to motocross and is set on rolling hills. Despite being a little damp, the soil was perfect. Perfect sol on a perfect track, was a great way to build on the confidence he already had. Slow to start though, Marcus took his time to get to know the track. He put in a great qualifying lap and went to the top of the leader board. The problem was that he did his lap a little early and all the top riders posted fast laps on the last lap and moved him down to 5th. his did leave him with a decent gate pic though.

Heat 1 saw Marcus ride a solid race from 2nd and ending 2nd. Looking to work on that, Marcus wanted a win and had identified a few places he could make up time. This wasn’t to be though as his knee brace hit the clutch line and severed it. With no clutch, he could only nurse the bike home to 9th.

Heat 3 and 4 saw Marcus get great starts and pulling the holeshot. A few mistakes here and there cost him though and he slipped back to 5th in heat 3 and 3rd in heat 4. This was enough to give Marcus a 4th overall and  decent start to the season. The good news is that all the top 5 had inconsistent results, so the points are still close and the championship chase is still vey much alive.

See the top 5 points below.

Marcus will now head to the first round of the RHL mx national championships, which is the official national series. Knowing what he has to do and some minor adjustments to the bike, Marcus really feels he can pull off a win.

Pos Start no. Competitor Total Points R1 R2 R3 R4
1 117 Brett Pocock 85 16 25 22 22
2 60 Dillon Woodcock 78 12 16 25 25
3 4 Alexander Brown 78 18 22 20 18
4 135 Marcus Phelps 72 22 12 18 20
5 29 Keenan Hird 69 25 18 14 12


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