Full Throttle Gauteng regional championships

By: MarcusPhelpsAdmin

Smoking Pistons hosted the final round of 8 Gauteng regional championship events. Marcus was in a good position to win the title before the penultimate round and with mechanical failure there, he had it all to do at Smoking Pistons. Marcus knew that 2 wins and a bit of luck might just do the job.

Marcus went out in practice and set the recently renovated SP track alight. His times were good, but a long season had put it’s strain on his ultra quick Raceworx KTM and it seized a main bearing. Marcus had to jump on his brothers stock standard practice bike, which definitely wasn’t good for his championship hopes.

Marcus went out in heat one with all guns blazing and managed a good start on the stock bike. Perhaps trying a little too hard to make it happen, Marcus dropped it in lap 1. His stars just weren’t aligning for this championship. He got up and worked his way to 3rd, when he went down again trying to catch the leaders. It was clear that Marcus was just giving way too much. The bad result pretty much sealed the deal for his opposition in terms of the championship and all Marcus could do was come out in heat 2 and try to regain some pride.

Another decent start in heat 2 saw Marcus in with a chance of the win. He was working his way to the front, when he went down. He later said the suspension on his brothers bike is set up for a much lighter weight and was battling to push through the rough track.

Marcus didn’t end the season how he wanted, but had some of the fastest times on a stock, borrowed bike. His pace is really good and just needs a bit of luck for the wins to start rolling in again.

Marcus will now focus on a move to the UK to compete in the UK RedBull series, as well as the Maxxis British champs.



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