2015 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur MX National

By: Marketing Director

The 2015 Loretta Lynn event was an eye opening experience for a first timer as myself..

The competition was tough and the track conditions were rough, in two of the heats through the week long event I managed to run top 10 with relative ease after some shocking starts, buts that’s all part of the game.

Poor gate pick and a bit of bad luck sore me only achieve a 10th overall in Supermini 1 even though I had the lap times to run top 5 or 6 in both sm1 and sm2.

I must say a warm thankyou to everyone who believed I was able to qualify through the regional and area events and eventually make it on to the stage along with the top 10.

Spaceport KTM, Powerband suspension, Racestar Grafix, Intertherm, Gizmo mods, Thor SA, and the entire team at MTF , Please accept these few words as a token of my appreciation, I am ready for 2016 and I will make you as proud to be associated with me as I am with you….





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